Frequently Asked Questions

How many photos do you deliver?

Each wedding is different and the number of pictures depends on several factors (eg the schedule of the day, the number of photographers involved, customs, traditions, happenings, etc.). Generally, however, you need to wait about 700 processed photos. Photos are high resolution, no logo or watermark on them.

After how long do you deliver the photos?

Most of the time it wont take more than 4 months.

How long will you stay at the reception?

We stay at the reception until we feel and ensure that we have successfully recorded the event and the sense of what happened and when the same images begin and repeat. Usually this happens about 4 hours after the world begins to entertain. Of course, our stay at the reception also depends on the program set by the couple or the organizer of the wedding.

What factors depends on the price?

The price depends on several factors at the time, date, location, services, albums. We can always design an economic package according to our own needs.

When should we book you?

Best time to secure the date is a year ago.
We only shoot some marriages every year. Our goal is not the quantity but the highest quality for our customers.

How can we book you?

You can contact me by phone, email or my contact form and close the date.

How is your payment made?

The “closing” of our cooperation and the guarantee of the date is made with a down payment. You will receive in writing the offer we have agreed, which will detail all the benefits in products and services.1 one month before the wedding advance 80% of the total amount. The repayment is effected by the delivery of all the agreed material.

Investment cost

For the photography and videography of entire wedding day from early in your preparations until late at the reception the investment costs start from €1600 and go up depending on the additional services required on the day and the available photography team. The most popular wedding package it is €2500

Are there any "hidden" charges on your bids?

Absolutely not! Our photographic services are designed to provide more than enough time and people to complete work with excellent results. You receive in writing and signed our financial proposal, which details the cost of each provided and agreed work.

Where are you? Do you cover weddings on islands or abroad?

I will be happy to cover your wedding anywhere in Greece or abroad.

Travel and accommodation costs, how are they settled?

Travel and accommodation costs may be necessary for destination weddings. There are two options, expenses can either be included in the price or alternatively can be arranged directly by the couple.

What about the use of photographs and copyrights?

The photographer maintains the copyright and may use the images in any way for the purpose of advertising and disclosure of his work.