Baptism photographer Penteli

The Baptism of Constantine a Magical Day at the Church of Saint Seraphim & Prophet Elias in Penteli. I had the honor of covering the christening of Constantine, the daughter of the famous TikToker @geoconsredequeen, in the beautiful church of Saint Seraphim & Prophet Elias in Penteli, a day of joy and emotion, surrounded by the love of family and friends. The Church of Saint Seraphim & Prophet Elias, with its unique architecture and idyllic location, provided the perfect setting to capture these precious moments. My goal is to create memories that will last forever. The images from this special day bring out the authenticity of the emotions and the beauty of the mystery. From the smile of little Konstantina, to the emotional moments of the family, every photo is a story worth remembering. Contact me to create memories together that will accompany you forever.